So What Really Are You Doing With Your Fear of Death.

I always watched him with so much enthusiasm, as if his next words were going to be the very ones that would shape the destiny of the World in the next running seconds. His story is unique, he treasured education, but was wise enough to know just when He had gotten enough. He brought to life the very first User-friendly Pc and today, we owe him the greatest credit of having to walk around with tablets with which we can do just about anything. Steve Jobs.

I am a great fan of the concept of the “mastermind’ as introduced to the World by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow rich. In a constantly moving world, a subtle flash of an idea becomes the very ingredient with which you can begin to mix success in different flavors. During his commencement speech of 2005 at Stanford university, Steve addressing a group of well deserved graduates made this statement


The story of the Apple I and II is the very story of death itself. Following the advent of Apple II, consumers were for the first time awed to see a “human in box form’. For the first time in human history, a PC felt ‘alive’. Finally the big break was just beginning. With a vast majority, the bogey of the beginning of an end as always haunted the success stories that could have been penned down as some of the most remarkable stories ever told, but forSteve, a reverse of the natural course of order was most significant…He lived everyday as if It were his last, a “good hex” if You ask me.

He was living, albeit dying. A life of death, a view that could not be taken away from his subconscious. His fear of death inspired him to heights which his Love for life could not soar to. It was his inspiration, It spurred him on. Maybe he could have lived longer if he had not feared death, but then te world would have known no ‘new thing’. In him was embedded the technological gift to the world. He came, he delivered, and returned. For the first recorded time in human history, there was a successful “death Transmutation”.

Who ever knew that in death could be found a ‘talent”? Who ever explored the possibility that man’s greatest fear could lead him to his greatest accomplishments? In every darkness, lies a source of light. The biggest puzzle has always revolved around whether or not darkness is the absence of Light? In darkness, there is light. How bright one shines is a determinant of whether or not the darkness continually hovers around or not. A byte of Apple usually does open the door to  this grandiose idea.


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